accessing CD fs from initrd

From: zvi Dubitzki
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 02:28:51 EST

Hi there

I want to be CC-ed on a possible answer to the following question.
I have not found yet an answer to the question in the Linux archives.

In need access the CD filesystem (iso9660) from within the Linux initrd or right after that (make it root fs).
I need an example for that since allocating enough ramdisk space (ramdisk_size=90k in kernel command line) + loading the cdrom.o
module at the initrd did not help mount the CD device (/dev/cdrom) at the initrd
Also I need know how to pivot between the initrd and the CD filesystem

I am actually using Isolinux/syslinux, but can make test on a regular Linux .
Any pointer to a literature will also be welcomed .


Zvi Dubitzki

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