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Summer Creativity Courses in Europe 2005


My name is Vivian Glusman and I am the administrative associate of the
Creativity Workshop, taught by master teachers Shelley Berc and
Alejandro Fogel.

The Creativity Workshop is a wonderful way to learn and travel. It's
also a great opportunity for Professional Development that's inspiring
and fun.
Choose one of our 8 day/9 night workshop packages in Florence,
Barcelona, or Dublin, starting at $1,650 including
tuition and accommodations. We offer 3 University credits for only an
additional $50 fee.

You can save by sharing a double room or coming in a group of 2 or more.
See below for more information on the workshops or go directly to our
web site: where you can also find info
on our fall/spring 4 day New York (non-credit) workshops.

Florence - July 9 - 18
Barcelona - July 19 - 28
Dublin - August 6 - 15
Courses starting at $1,650 including tuition and accommodations

Our exciting summer courses in Europe are designed to stimulate and
develop your creativity by sparking inspiration, perception and
playfulness. The courses are attended by people of all backgrounds,
experiences, ages, and nationalities coming together in a relaxed and
stimulating environment. The only requirements are curiosity about the
creative process and a sense of playfulness.

Whether you are in business, teaching, art, or science, our workshop can
help you discover and nurture your particular way of expression and
break through the fears and blocks that inhibit creative expression.
Working with thousands of individuals, businesses, and institutions
since 1993, the Creativity Workshop helps people believe in and develop
their imagination through using a unique series of exercises in memoir,
creative writing, visual arts, sense perception, brainstorming, and
storytelling. Our concentration is on the process of creativity rather
than the product. We emphasize the importance of play and the sharing of
ideas to nurture creative growth.

You can read more about the workshop below or go directly to our
extensive informational site:


Vivian Glusman
Administrative Associate
1-866-217-1980 (Toll-Free)

What people say about the Creativity Workshop:

"The new millennium needs bold, creative men and women who can turn their
dreams into reality... Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel show how you can
do this through their challenging and inspiring creativity
workshops...even a simple first contact will prove what these two
talented teachers can do for your own gifts."
Dr. Kirpal Singh, Writer, Professor
Singapore Management University.

"I have attended at least 10 creative seminars and this creativity
workshop is far above the others in its inspiration, positive spirit and
techniques for nurturing creativity. The Creativity Workshop changed me
forever and moved me forward in managing my creative companies, but more
importantly in my personal determination, commitment and creativity in
my own projects. This workshop is important for anyone who wants to
better understand, develop and celebrate their creativity in their
personal or business life."
Barbara Roberts, President and CEO
Acoustiguides, New York City

"I taught a creative writing class yesterday afternoon and felt a new
confidence after the summer's Creativity Workshop. I was much more in
control and more confident of what I was doing and saying. My students
seem more excited about their work using your exercises. I feel that in
several months time I shall still be doing and saying things that echo
what we covered in your wonderful workshop."
Noel Shepherd, Creative Writing Teacher, grades 5 and 6
Washington International School

"Thank you for the great, great inspiration and fun of the Creativity
Workshop. It helped me get a whole screenplay done during a trip to
Mexico afterwards. It was great for me and my students. I don't think
I've ever seen them so happy."
Doris Doerrie, Filmmaker, Professor
Munich Film School, Germany

"This is my third workshop coming up and I can't wait! Shelley and
Alejandro ever so gently are able to get us fellow travelers (and not
students) in to a discovery mode that emerges us deep into the
experience of our very own creativity. You are magicians who invite us
to return to the best of our childhoods. Once there we recapture those
golden days of play and dream and fantasy."
Carroll Blue, Professor
School of Communications, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

"Because I write for a living, I had forgotten how to write for fun. I
learned how to get to that "fun" part of writing again at this workshop."
Amy White, VP Internal Corporate Communications
Cardinal Health, Worthington, OH

"The workshop was incredible. The exercises and your encouragement were
wonderful. But, more importantly, your sensitivity and perceptivity in
regard to others and the human condition is unbelievable. I wish I knew
10 more of you!"
Neil H. Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
California State University, Chico

"Too often in the workplace, a fear of being judged, of "failure," or of
appearing "foolish" to others stifles our most creative thinking. The
Creativity Workshop showed me how to first examine, then overcome my
personal insecurities so that I am contributing with more freedom,
boldness and confidence than ever before."
Barbara Bazaldua, Director of Editorial
Disney Consumer Products, Anaheim, CA

Founded and directed by Shelley Berc and Alejandro Fogel in 1993, the
Creativity Workshop has been taught by them at educational, corporate,
cultural and governmental institutions throughout the world.

Corporate and Business
Johnson&Johnson - JPMorgan Chase - L'Arche Belfast - LPK - Oracle
Corporation - Pfizer - Procter & Gamble - Providence Center for Women &
Enterprise - Sloan Kettering Hospital - Sprint PCS - The Walt Disney
Company - The Connection for Women and Families - The Nature Conservancy
- Welch Design Group - Zimmerman Financial Group - Childrens Hospital
Los Angeles - Colgate-Palmolive
For more companies go to:

Education and Arts Institutions
American International School of Budapest - Atlanta International School
- Atlanta Symphony Orchestra - Australian National Playwright Conference
- Barnard College - Baruch College - Baylor School - Bennington College
- Brown University - CUNY/NYC Department of Education - Cincinnati
Public Schools - Columbia University - Concord Academy - Exeter Academy
- George Washington University - Hong Kong International School -
Canadian Academy - Indiana University - International School Bangkok -
International School of Beijing- - International Schools Services -
Johns Hopkins University - LaGuardia Community College - Princeton
Country Day School
For more institutions go to:

US State Department, Washington, D.C., USA - US Embassy, Tel Aviv,
Israel - US Embassy, Rome, Italy - US Consulate, Milan, Italy - US
Embassy, Istambul, Turkey - US Embassy, Canberra, Australia - US
Embassy, Budapest, Hungary - US Embassy, Singapore

The Teachers
Shelley Berc is a writer and teacher. She was a professor of the
International Writing Program at the University of Iowa from 1985-2000.
Her novels, plays, and essays which include 'The Shape of Wilderness',
'A Girl's Guide to the Divine Comedy' and 'Theatre of the Mind' have
been published by Coffee House Press, Johns Hopkins Press, Heinemann
Books, Performing Arts Journal and Theatre Communications Group Press.
Her plays have been produced by theatres such as the American Repertory
Theatre, the Yale Rep, and the Edinburgh Festival.

Alejandro Fogel is a visual artist and teacher working in painting, site
installations, video and digital art. He has exhibited his works in
galleries and museums in Argentina, Bulgaria, Cuba, France, Hungary,
Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States and Germany. His
ongoing project 'Root to Route' chronicles his father's journey through
the Holocaust years. His work is in private collections and museums
around the world.

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Please mail all inquiries to:
Vivian Glusman
Administrative Associate
245 E 40th St. 25th Floor
New York, NY 10016

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