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From: Prisoner Of War
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 10:08:39 EST

Dear readers of this maillinglist,

I'm most of the time very happy that there is Linux (special thanks to Linus T.) and that i'm one happy computer user that isn't confronted all the time with a special blue screen.

I'm a user from the time kernel 2.0.xx started and yes it's not from the start but it's still a long time....

I'm almost very happy with the things that are going on in kernel land. And yes not all things that work in Wintendo aka Winboot will work under linux. But there are a few things that always worked very well. Including webcams. (yes i can stay polite and be nice but that won't have the effect i want....)

Now my dear daughter has her own laptop and she insists to run linux on it. She just had her birthday and she got a nice logitec webcam so she can use it on that very stable system.


These days she can't anymore. Why ?? Because there's a problem between hrh Greg Kroah (usb maintainer) and somebody who did his best to give user the possibility of using a goodworking webcam.

I don't want the discussion if it's proper or not to have that driver in the kernel. I have just the problem that i have todo more before it works...

I realy don't give a sh*t about that. I just want one thing and that is that the webcam starts working again and work like in ASAP. Rather yesterday then today.

So here's a user yrh Greg Kroah that realy wants that driver back in. I'm a user and i'm not alone! There are more users like me and what we want is that we have hardware which should work with the os we choose. We choose linux because it's stable and it's not wintendo. Are you gonna decide for us what we want ?? I hope not coz history tells us that those kind of people never last long...

So what about it are you going to help me? And make it possible for us to use our choosen hardware?

I realy hope you listen to me / us because I / we choose linux above windows...


Gabriel Kenter

... He's turned his life around. He used to be depressed and miserable. Now he's miserable and depressed.
-- David Frost
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