Re: 2.6.12-rc3: Bad page state at prep_new_page

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 06:58:00 EST

Mikael Pettersson <mikpe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My trusty network server (440BX PentiumIII box serving NFS and News)
> just threw the following at me:
> Bad page state at prep_new_page (in process 'python', page c10984e0)
> flags:0x20021008 mapping:00000000 mapcount:0 count:0
> Backtrace:
> [<c0137555>] bad_page+0x75/0xb0
> [<c01378aa>] prep_new_page+0x2a/0x70
> [<c0137e60>] buffered_rmqueue+0xc0/0x1c0
> [<c01380f0>] __alloc_pages+0xc0/0x400
> [<c01425a9>] do_anonymous_page+0x79/0x150
> [<c0142870>] do_no_page+0x1f0/0x360
> [<c0142c2d>] handle_mm_fault+0x13d/0x170
> [<c0110c92>] do_page_fault+0x2a2/0x6bf
> [<c0111d12>] recalc_task_prio+0xc2/0x170
> [<c026b49b>] schedule+0x31b/0x5c0
> [<c01109f0>] do_page_fault+0x0/0x6bf
> [<c0102dbf>] error_code+0x4f/0x54
> Trying to fix it up, but a reboot is needed
> It's running 2.6.12-rc3 since last Friday, but had been running
> 2.6.12-rc2 for weeks before that w/o problems. 2.4 kernels and
> most recent 2.6 kernels have always been rock solid on it.

PG_swapcache is set. It wasn't set when this page was returned to the page

> This is the first time this box has had a problem like this.
> While I can't rule out bad memory (I'll memtest86 it when I
> get a chance to), I'm inclined to suspect a 2.6 kernel bug.

Could be a bug, but it'd be a damn unusual one. I wouldn't rule out a

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