Re: ext3 issue..

From: folkert
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 06:57:24 EST

> > What messages were displayed by e2fsck? What version of the kernel
> > are you running?
> > No, I haven't heard of any such problems with ext2/3 filesystems.
> > This is the first time that someone was reported a specific problem
> > with the # of blocks used accounting. There is the standard "file
> > held open so the number of blocks used is greater than blocks reported
> > by du", but that won't cause df to display negative numbers.
> I think I have seen this once or twice in the past. A reboot always
> made it go away and it didn't seem to come back. fsck never showed
> anything so I assumed it was just the kernel having lost its mind about
> the state of the FS.

"me too"
kernel 2.6.11
a reboot fixed it. fsck did not bother to check the filesystem. ext3

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