Re: TI Yenta socket Fish Please Report

From: Robert W. Fuller
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 00:36:35 EST

Robert W. Fuller wrote:
Jonas Oreland wrote:

Robert W. Fuller wrote:

Looks like I have the same problem that was discussed here in February with PCI resources being assigned to the same range as RAM. This is the old thread: "IBM Thinkpad G41 PCMCIA problems [Was: Yenta TI: ... no PCIinterrupts. Fish. Please report.]" I'm having this problem on 2.6.11.

Did the patch for this ever make it into the main kernel? Is it still in the -mm tree? Will it ever be in the main kernel? How do I figure these things out? Is there some bug database I can check?

I think it made it somehow.
I have a G40 which had the problem before I upgraded to 2.6.11

Did it make it in for x86_64 kernel I wonder?

Hello. Is there anybody out there? Anybody who actually knows something about what is in what kernel? Does anybody know how to figure this out? Is there some kind of Bugzilla database or something I can look at?
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