Re: TI Yenta socket Fish Please Report

From: Robert W. Fuller
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 18:34:04 EST

Jonas Oreland wrote:
Robert W. Fuller wrote:

Looks like I have the same problem that was discussed here in February with PCI resources being assigned to the same range as RAM. This is the old thread: "IBM Thinkpad G41 PCMCIA problems [Was: Yenta TI: ... no PCIinterrupts. Fish. Please report.]" I'm having this problem on 2.6.11.

Did the patch for this ever make it into the main kernel? Is it still in the -mm tree? Will it ever be in the main kernel? How do I figure these things out? Is there some bug database I can check?

I think it made it somehow.
I have a G40 which had the problem before I upgraded to 2.6.11

Did it make it in for x86_64 kernel I wonder?

I however also had problem with a netgear wlan card.
And got a patch, that I haven't seen in any released kernel yet...

Would you mind sending me the patches you have?


Thank you.

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