Re: [ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.8 (former git-pasky, big changes!)

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 23:31:12 EST

On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 05:24 +0200, Petr Baudis wrote:
> Hello,
> here goes Cogito-0.8, my SCMish layer over Linus Torvald's git tree
> history tracker. This package was formerly called git-pasky, however
> this release brings big changes. The usage is significantly different,
> as well as some basic concepts; the history changed again (hopefully the
> last time?) because of fixing dates of some old commits. The .git/
> directory layout changed too.
> .../...

Unless you already did this in the latest release, it would be nice to
have something like havign all the low level tools be by default in some
~/lib/git or whatever, and only the cg-* scripts in ~/bin on install,
unless maybe you pass some kind of I_AM_A_REAL_GIT=1 on the make
line ...

I don't really plan to use the low level tools, and I don't like the way
they clobber my bin namespace :)


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