Re: [ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.8 (former git-pasky, big changes!)

From: Mike Taht
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 23:16:08 EST

Yes, this is a huge change. No, I don't expect any further changes of
similar scale. I think the new interface is significantly simpler _and_
cleaner than the old one.

Heh. Another huge change would be moving the top level directories around a bit.

bindings COPYING git.spec Makefile programs README.reference tests
contrib doc include po README src VERSION

Leaving fixing the makefiles aside as an exercise for the interested reader... that's:


# completely rearrange the file structure of cogito/git
# just to make pasky and other scm users insane once again
# FIXME - fix the makefiles, git.spec

CFILES=`ls *.c`
DFILES=`ls ppc/* mozilla-sha1/*`
HFILES=`ls *.h`
SRCDIR=src # or libgit?
INCDIR=include/git-guts # or keep in SRCDIR or include/git or whatever
COGDIR=programs/cogito # or just cogito. is git-web likely to be inc?

bindings/perl bindings/python bindings/ruby po tests doc # just ideas,
# no files (yet)

mv $CFILES ppc mozilla-sha1 $SRCDIR
COGFILES=`file * | grep "script text executable" | cut -f1 -d:`

for i in $CFILES $DFILES
cg-add $SRCDIR/$i
for i in $HFILES
cg-add $INCDIR/$i



Mike Taht

"A straw vote only shows which way the hot air blows.
-- O'Henry"
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