atomic_t and atomic_inc

From: Al Niessner
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 14:01:26 EST

First, I am not subscribed to this list so please reply to me directly
if you wish a timely response to any questions. In any case, I will lurk
in the archives for responses.

I am using atomic_t to count interrupts from some piece of hardware.
These interrupts come at a fairly high rate -- 10 KHz and higher. The
problem is, will I get increment problem at the limit of atomic_t or
will it wrap around without error? I read the docs (man pages, on-line
api docs, this list and other stuff) and none of them talk about the
behavior of atomic_t at the boundaries. Furthermore, am I guaranteed of
any boundary behavior across platforms?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

Al Niessner <Al.Niessner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

All opinions stated above are mine and do not necessarily reflect
those of JPL or NASA.

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