NIC inerrupt

From: John Que
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 07:48:32 EST


I want to count the number of times I reach an NIC receive

I added a global static variable of type int , and initialized
it to 0 ; each time I am in the rx_interrupt of the card I incerement
it by one;
I got large , non sensible numbers after one or two seconds;

So for debug I added printk each time I increment it in rx_interrupt.

What I see is that there are unreasonable jumps in the number

for instance , it inceremnts sequntially from 1 to 80,then jums to 4500, increments a little sequentially to 4580, and the jums again to
11000 ;

Is it got to do with it that this is in interrupt?
Any idea what it can be ?

(I also tried to declare it as static in the rx_interrupt method
and the same happened)


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