Re: usb and preempt oopses with 2.6.6-rc1 on ppc

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 01:11:57 EST

On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 15:53, Soeren Sonnenburg wrote:
> Hi.
> I get the following 2 oopses with the 2.6.6-rc1 kernel on my G4 powerbook.
> The first one is an usb oops (from 2.6.5) and the second one probably a preempt issue on ppc.

The first one is probably an existing USB / bluetooth problem that
you should report to the appropriate list

> This is the usb oops I get when I don't hciconfig hci0 down and stop all
> blue-* programs before *REMOVING* the bluetooth dongle.

The second one looks like a VM bug actually. I spotted a patch going
to Linus tree today fixing vma corruption, could be related...


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