Strace Test Take 2

From: dan carpenter
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 01:08:55 EST

This is the second approach at Strace Test.

Basically Strace test runs a lot of LTP tests. The
difference is that it calls traces the system calls
from the LTP tests and calls them again with improper
values. That adds an extra kick. I think Strace
Test might be the fastest general purpose kernel
crasher there is.

In this version, I added some new improper values to
try, based on some source code that Dave Jones wrote.
The other effective change was to start multiple
instance of the same test at the same time. That
helps trigger race conditions.

I tried testing on 2.4 and it was really stable.
On 2.6, I was able to simulate an SMP kernel using
the preempt code and that helps locate race
conditions. I wasn't able to test a 2.2 kernel
but my guess is that it's pretty stable, especially
with a UP kernel.

Test Instructions (for i386)
Create a test user
Download and untar ltp (
Cd to ltp and `make -k`
Untar strace_test
cd strace_test && ./
Enter the path to ltp
Enter the test user

dan carpenter

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