Re: Dealing with swsusp vs. pmdisk

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 19:27:31 EST

> - Freezer hooks (I can easily get suspend2 working with the old freezer
> until people are convinced it's not up to the task). This accounts for
> the vast majority of those file changes.

It would be nice if you did that as a first step indeed. I'm personally
not convinced of the usefullness of having a freezer at all ;)

> - Changes in vmscan to separate out freeing a single LRU page. When
> reading/writing an image, suspend shots down pages added to the LRU list
> as a result of it's activities, so as to keep the contents of the LRU
> the same as at the start of the cycle. I reckon this might be done by
> stopping the pages from being added to the LRU in the first place, but
> haven't gotten around to asking whether this can be safely done. (The
> current method works, so I haven't made it a priority before now). Short
> summary: I freely admit this is ugly and could be done less invasively,
> especially with help from some of the MM guys.
> - I still have to get the console stuff using file descriptors for I/O
> rather than direct calls; I have code there, but it's not being used yet
> because it worked and then got broken. (Shouldn't take much to fix).

Some of the "guard" code you added to the filesystem is scary too..


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