DRM reorganization

From: Ian Romanick
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 17:18:01 EST

We're looking at reorganizing the way DRM drivers are maintained. Currently, the DRM kernel code lives deep in a subdirectory of the DRI tree (which is a partial copy of the XFree86 tree). We plan to move it "up" to its own module at the top level. That should make it *much* easier for people that want to do things with the DRM but don't want all the rest of X (i.e., DRI w/DirectFB, etc.).

When we do this move, we're open to the possibility of reorganizing the file structure. What can we do to make it easier for kernel release maintainers to merge changes into their trees?

This is cross-posted to LKML & dri-devel, and I'm not on LKML. If you reply, please hit the 'Reply to all' button. :)

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