RE: PATCH - InfiniBand Access Layer (IBAL)

From: Woodruff, Robert J
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 22:49:52 EST

On Sat, Mar 13, 2004 at 02:07:13PM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
>I think you need to work with the people as they seem to
> - working code with support for a number of different devices
I have code that has been running MPI NBPs, Pallas benchmark, and IPoIB
stress tests
for almost 10 days now on multiple vendors equipment. We are also close
to having
a major data base vendor's DAPL stress test running very well. I'm
thinkin this code could be
running 1000 nodes clusters within a couple of months, if people wanted
to try it,
but that would require Mellanox to open source their TVPD.
> - developers with extensive kernel programming experience
As if we don't.
> working on cleaning up the code to fit properly into the
> kernel tree.
The comments you have given on IBAL would probably only take a few weeks
to change.
> - their code showing up in at least one distro which will expose
> them to a much wider range of testing than Intel's project so
> far has had.
Ok, the OEMS pushed for and got a distro to accept a TTM solution,
that's OK for getting
InfiniBand jumpstarted,
but does that mean we have to accept it into Linux
and live with that solution forever.

I guess I just wish they had started working with us on this open source
project 2 years ago
when we started it, rather than developing a complete stack behind
closed doors and then
releasing it without any input from anyone. Now there are serious issues
that will take a lot
of work to fix. At least our project was totally open from the
start and anyone could have provided input at any time.

Enough said.

I understand your position. We will submit our code to

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