Intel 536EP Modem

From: Rick Knight
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 15:21:26 EST


I have an Intel 536EP modem I would like to be able to use with linux. I have kernel 2.6.3 installed. I notice that the modem is detected by the system and several files in the kernel source tree have make reference to it...

#grep -rn '536EP' /usr/src/linux-2.6.3 yields

Binary file arch/i386/boot/compressed/vmlinux.bin matches
Binary file drivers/pci/built-in.o matches
drivers/pci/pci.ids:6672: 1040 536EP Data Fax Modem
drivers/pci/devlist.h:7905: DEVICE(8086,1040,"536EP Data Fax Modem")
Binary file drivers/pci/names.o matches
Binary file drivers/built-in.o matches
Binary file vmlinux matches

Is it possible to get this modem to work?

In answering this message, please CC me.

Thanks for your help,
Rick Knight

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