sysfs method for registering/unregistering ide devices ?

From: Paul Ionescu
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 10:36:24 EST


Is there any possibility to unregister/scan ide devices with sysfs ?
I've searched lkml and linux-ide list archives and I didn't found any
Is there any sysfs file like /sys/..../registered, where you could echo
0 or 1 if you want to register or unregister a specific interface ?

Till now, I used hdparm -U/-R option for this task.
While this is still available in kernel 2.6, the implementation of
HDIO_UNREGISTER_HWIF and HDIO_SCAN_HWIF seems more like a hack than a
sane implementation.
Unregister and then register the same device, and you will have
different files for it int procfs and sysfs.
For unregistering or registering a device, you need at least a valid
block device. So I cannot unregister all my drives, and register them
again (or at least not at the same time).

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