Re: network/performance problem

From: Ron Peterson
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 10:34:52 EST

I didn't reboot sam like I said I would. I decided I'd let it spiral
down. I'm still collecting profile data every fifteen minutes. I
haven't posted any more graphs. They look the same as all the others: a
monotonically increasing ping latency (w/ a corresponding slow increase
in system load averages - which I'm logging, if anyone wants more data).

I've been perusing fa.linux.kernel, and saw Brad Laue's thread. FWIW,
it smells similar. When my machines finally go down, ksoftirqd is
always at the top of the process list.

Any ideas at all about what might be happening?

Ron Peterson
Network & Systems Manager
Mount Holyoke College
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