Re: [OT] Re: (0 == foo), rather than (foo == 0)

From: Stefan Smietanowski
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 18:04:29 EST

David Ford wrote:

I won't. I didn't say anything against inability to preserve line boundaries. I was, and am, referring to linear text and letting the end user reflow that text to suit his or her preferences.

viro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Kindly piss off. My mail reading software uses vi(1) to compose the
reply and has enough sense to preserve the line boundaries.

You also don't have a clue what replying below is all about nor do you
respond to anything regarding quotes. How many times haven't we seen
stupid quotes like this :

> blah blah long long line ..........................
end of last line > here is the second line that's quoted
end of second line......... > and here starts the third one.

If you haven't - lucky you. But don't try to push your
reply-above-and-don't-give-a-piss-about-others approach.

This list replies below and uses manually wrapped lines.

If you want to create your own linux kernel list with other
rules - be free to do so, but if you want to continue talking
on this one, follow the rules on it, don't try to push your own.

// Stefan
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