Re: 2.6.4-rc2-mm1: IPMI_SMB doesnt compile

From: Greg KH
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 14:05:57 EST

On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 10:01:07AM -0600, Corey Minyard wrote:
> You need to run off the panic events, the config flag IPMI_PANIC_EVENT,
> and it should compile fine. This is a flag that causes the driver to
> put some information about the panic into an event log in the IPMI
> controller so it can be fetched later.
> To do this, the driver needs a way to run each operation to completion
> without scheduling, interrupts. or the like. It needs this to do send
> the panic event (since you cannot schedule during a panic), although it
> also really needs it to do things like extend the watchdog timer time at
> panic time. The I2C driver does not currently have this, so it doesn't
> work with this option and the SMBus driver.
> I have included a patch from Todd Davis at Intel that adds this function
> to the I2C driver. I believe Todd has been working on getting this in
> through the I2C driver writers, although the patch is fairly non-intrusive.

All I've seen are some 2.4 patches, no 2.6 patches.

Anyone care to send them to the i2c maintainers?


greg k-h
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