[Announce] Emulex LightPulse Device Driver

From: Smart, James
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 17:47:41 EST


Emulex is embarking on an effort to open source the driver for its
LightPulse Fibre Channel Adapter family. This effort will migrate Emulex's
current code base to a driver centric to the Linux 2.6 kernel, with the goal
to eventually gain inclusion in the base Linux kernel.

A new project has been created on SourceForge to host this effort - see
http://sourceforge.net/projects/lpfcxxxx/ . Further information, such as the
lastest FAQ, can be found on the project site.

We realize that this will be a significant effort for Emulex. We welcome any
feedback that the community can provide us.


-- James Smart
Emulex Corporation

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