Re: [PATCH] UTF-8ifying the kernel source

From: Geert Uytterhoeven
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 07:22:46 EST

On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, David Eger wrote:
> Un-needed/wrong non-ASCII characters (patch 2)
> ==============================================
> drivers/video/amifb.c - +- sign (NOTE: X's .ttf files just don't have it)

do_blank is either 0 (do nothing), -1 (unblank), or +1 (blank).

You can replace it by `+/-1' if you want.

> include/asm-m68k/atarihw.h - 0x94? no, it's an ö, for Björn
> include/asm-m68k/atariints.h - 0x94? no, it's an ö, for Björn


> Machine / charset specific shite - (does anything need to be done?)
> ===================================================================
> arch/m68k/hp300/ - maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/char/ - a map file... maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/char/qtronixmap.c_shipped - maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/char/ - maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/tc/lk201-map.c_shipped - maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/tc/ - maps to "char"s.. grr
> drivers/acorn/char/defkeymap-l7200.c - maps to "char"s.. grr

If you want the keyboard to generate UTF-8, I think you should change these
(not sure, please test).

> drivers/video/console/font_8x16.c - comments on a keymap table
> drivers/video/console/font_8x8.c - comments on a keymap table
> drivers/video/console/font_pearl_8x8.c - comments on a keymap table

These fonts have the box-drawing ASCII art.



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