Re: HELP: Linux replacement for "DOS diagnostic" station

From: Michael Frank
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 07:20:13 EST

Here are some general suggestions on how to "begin" migrating DOS to
linux using an incremental approach.

My requirements were similar albeit for embedded apps, was/am using DOS
based development tools.

First get _your_ DOS version running on linux using DOSEMU. DOSEMU can
run _any_ version of DOS. I use it with PCDOS 6.3.

To control DOS from linux (bat->sh), consider a remote shell for dos.

As to PCI and your old tools, you could boot linux with pci=off, so it
won't touch PCI, then map PCI IO into DOSEMU.

Next, suggest tools to port first to linux where upgrade is suggested.

You could modify the PCI driver to exclude device id's but those in a list
- may be a nice patch for general use too :)

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