Re: Marvell PATA-SATA bridge meets 2.4.x

From: Rumi Szabolcs
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 18:56:55 EST

On Mon, 08 Mar 2004 14:07:43 -0800
Mike Fedyk <mfedyk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >>You want to use a 2.6 kernel and talk to Bart, and Jeff about this...
> >
> > Well, I don't really want a 2.6 kernel on that machine (yet) because
> > in my opinion it is not stable enough for a production system.
> What problems are you having?

I'm just tracking lkml and seeing all the serious bug reports in 2.6
each day. Maybe 2.6.3 is really rock stable compared to what 2.4.3 was
like but compared to VMS 6.2 it looks about as stable as a barrel of
nitroglycerine, so I thought I better wait for at least 2.6.10
before even trying to put it on anything in production.

By the way, I wrote "in my opinion" to avoid starting a flame war on
that "is 2.6 stable already or not?" thing, now it seems like I've
failed... ;-)

So, until the reliability of 2.6 becomes acceptable for everyone I think
many people would appreciate fixes/backports for 2.4, especially for
those problems which don't take too much of an effort to fix.

Szabolcs Rumi
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