2.4.24 kernel BUG at slab.c:1439

From: Frank van Maarseveen
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 05:19:23 EST

Caught this one:

kernel: kernel BUG at slab.c:1439!
kernel: invalid operand: 0000
kernel: CPU: 0
kernel: EIP: 0010:[kmem_cache_free_one+141/528] Not tainted
kernel: EFLAGS: 00010006
kernel: eax: 178fc2a5 ebx: c2e3b020 ecx: 00008ab1 edx: c11873d8
kernel: esi: c2e3b23c edi: c11873d8 ebp: c11e3ef0 esp: c11e3edc
kernel: ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
kernel: Process kswapd (pid: 4, stackpage=c11e3000)
kernel: Stack: 01000108 c2e3b020 00000246 c2e3b240 c11873d8 c11e3f0c c013324d c11873d8
kernel: c2e3b240 c2e3b240 c2e3b240 c11e3f4c c11e3f20 c014f222 c11873d8 c2e3b240
kernel: c2e3b248 c11e3f3c c014fa2e c2e3b240 00000325 c4310a38 0000b1b0 00002389
kernel: Call Trace: [kmem_cache_free+109/192] [destroy_inode+66/80] [dispose_list+110/176] [prune_icache+102/224] [shrink_icache_memory+39/64]
kernel: [try_to_free_pages_zone+116/208] [kswapd_balance_pgdat+108/176] [kswapd_balance+23/48] [kswapd+158/192] [rest_init+0/48] [arch_kernel_thread+38/64]
kernel: [kswapd+0/192]

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