Re: [Swsusp-devel] Re: RTC causes hard lockups in 2.5.70-mm8

From: Bernard Blackham (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 04:17:43 EST

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 10:41:13AM +0200, Florian-Daniel Otel wrote:
> I can confirm the RTC problems on a Fujitsu LifeBook P2120 (Crusoe
> TM5800, ALi, ACPI). In my case I was even more fortunate (??) since
> using RTC (either compiled-in in the kernel and/or as a module), any
> call to "hwclock" locks the machine rock solid

Ditto. Also an ALi here. I traced it through (printk debugging) and
it appears to lock up in the call to schedule() in rtc_read().

Has happened since about 2.4.21-pre3'ish. Haven't had time yet to
establish exactly which release (or ACPI release) started it.

A quirkier but similar bug - this laptop would freeze when writing
to the hardware clock *IF* there was a CD-ROM in the drive (IDE).
This freeze also seemed to occur at midnight most nights. Ejecting
the CD-ROM before saving the hwclock and also at 11:59pm disabled
the problem. This problem existed even without ACPI.


 Bernard Blackham 
 bernard at blackham dot com dot au

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