Re: 2.4.21-pre4: PDC ide driver problems with shared interrupts

From: Edward King (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 09:41:45 EST

> On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 13:20, Stephan von Krawczynski wrote:
> > On 05 Feb 2003 18:12:31 +0100
> > Benjamin Herrenschmidt <> wrote:
> >
> >
> > > Stephan: Can you try editing ide-dma.c, function
> > > __ide_dma_test_irq(), and remove that line:
> > >
> > > - drive->waiting_for_dma++;
> > >
> > > And tell us if it helps in any way.
> > >
> > > Ben.
> >
> > Hello Ben,
> >
> > as requested I tried the above "patch" and had no problem so far. Current
> > situation is:
> > (ide2, ide3 are PDC, eth2 is tg3)
> Ok, well, if it' still stable by now, I beleive we can safely remove
> that line from ide_dma_test_irq(). AFAIK, it really have nothing to do
> here.

Just wanted to jump in here -- I'm setting up a box using two PDC20268
controllers for a 4 drive software raid. The system locks on heavy
disk activity only if dma is active.

I was watching this thread and put in the patch to remove the
"drive->waiting_for_dma++;" line. I still get lockups and the message
on the console is:

hdg: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x21
hde: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x21
hdg: timeout waiting for DMA
PDC202XX: Secondary channel reset
hdg: timeout waiting for DMA
hdg: (__ide_dma_test_irq) called while not waiting
hdg: status error: status = 0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest
hdg: drive not ready for command
hde: timeout waiting for DMA
PDC202XX: Primary channel reset
hde: timeout waiting for DMA
hde: (__ide_dma_test_irq) called while not waiting

I copied these -- everything with with dma disabled. I beleive this
is the same problem, and can reproduce it (this occurred deleting a
400MB file on a reiserfs.)

The kernel is 2.4.21-pre4
The chipset is nVidia
The controllers each have their own interrupt (not shared)

I have used PDC controllers for raids in the past, but only one PDC
and the other drives used the onboard ide -- this works fine.


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