Re: 2.5.60 cheerleading...

From: Paul Larson (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 16:16:29 EST

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 12:23, John Bradford wrote:
> > > > How about a quick note out to lkml that says "The current bk is
> > > > what I'm going to release at <NN Time> today unless someone
> > > > gives me a good reason not to."?
> > > Why? That would just delay releases, and make more work for Linus.
> > What I just suggested would be a short 1 line note to lkml. I know he's
> > very busy, but what's that, like 10 seconds?
> 10 seconds, plus the time waiting around for replies, and the time
> spent reading the replies.
Ideally, there should be no waiting around for replies. The message is
sent, he starts whatever build/boot test cycle, checks for replies when
he's done and ready to release. If nothing looks urgent enough to hold
it up, then he pushes the release. I still don't see how this adds any
kind of terrible delay.

-Paul Larson

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