Re: 2.5.60 cheerleading...

From: John Bradford (
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 13:23:40 EST

> > > How about a quick note out to lkml that says "The current bk is
> > > what I'm going to release at <NN Time> today unless someone
> > > gives me a good reason not to."?
> > Why? That would just delay releases, and make more work for Linus.
> What I just suggested would be a short 1 line note to lkml. I know he's
> very busy, but what's that, like 10 seconds?

10 seconds, plus the time waiting around for replies, and the time
spent reading the replies.

> > If a release is badly broken, another one is usually quick to follow
> > it, anyway.
> There's usually a lag of 30min to an hour between the last changeset and
> the the one that changes the version tag anyway. I would
> hope/assume(dangerous) this is when it's beeing built and tested. One
> more script to that mix that runs a subset of ltp might add an
> additional 5 min. Alternatively, a note of intent to lkml might add a
> few seconds to that delay.
> If I counted timezones etc. right, here's a quick picture of the number
> of minutes between the last changeset and the changeset that tagged it
> with the version number:
> 2.5.60 52 min.
> 2.5.59 42 min.
> 2.5.58 31 min.
> 2.5.57 16 min.
> *** 2.5.58 was release something like 12 hours later
> Is it less work to do a few minutes of extra testing, or go through
> another release in the same day?

Probably less work for Linus to go through another release, plus it
means that people who are not testing -bk snapshots for whatever
reason are more involved in the development process.

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