Re: [PATCH][RFC] Proposal for a new watchdog interface using sysfs

From: Daniel Pittman (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 23:27:14 EST

On 12 Feb 2003, Rusty Lynch wrote:
> The following is a proposal for a new sysfs based watchdog interface
> to be used as a replacement for the current char device w/ ioctl api
> as described in Documentation/watchdog-api.txt.


> Where each these files to the following ==>
> start (RO)
> - show: starts watchdog count

This would be much better as a store -- that way 'cat /.../watchdog0/*'
will not activate the watchdog. A more deliberate action is safer for
forgetful admins, such as me.


> status (RO)
> - show: prints the current status value
> bootstatus (RO)
> - show: same as 'status', but valid for just after the last reboot.


> enable (RW)
> - show: prints 0 or 1 to indicate if the wdt is enabled
> - store: expects 0 or 1 to disable or enable the wdt

Isn't this the same information as the 'status' and 'start' members?


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