Re: [2.4.20][2.5.60] /proc/interrupts comparsion - two irqs for i8042?

From: Shawn Starr (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 17:44:45 EST

It's a new OSS Sound Blaster driver from Paul Laufer along with the new
PnP changes from Adam Belay.

Things are looking better but we still have serious conflicts. I don't
know why i'm out of IRQs so quickly.

The counter is at zero because it was a fresh remote reboot. If i was to
use the soundblaster I would get IRQ/DMA timeout errors. I do hear chunks
of sound though so we've got a conflict of sharing IRQs somewhere.

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Pete Zaitcev wrote:

> >> On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 11:14:40AM -0500, Shawn Starr wrote:
> >> >
> >> > Right but, why does this *not* show up in 2.4? IRQ 12 is free in 2.4 but
> >> > not in 2.5 *with* PS/2 mouse enabled?!
> >>
> >> Because this interrupt is only requested when /dev/psaux is opened in 2.4.
> >
> > I see, wasn't this better behaviour though?
> Not for all hardware. As SMM emulated "software i8042" continue
> to spread, the bugs continue to spread as well. Some systems,
> notably Dell i5000 simply do not work at all if the IRQ12 is
> not serviced (it's actually a little more complicated, but anyway...).
> I saw that the counter was at zero for your soundblaster, but
> I strongly suspect it had little to do with the PS/2 mouse.
> I am surprised it even compiles. I think it was one of the
> last drivers converted to proper DMA API, perhaps it just
> wasn't done right. I know SB won't interrupt if DMA does not
> complete. Why don't you verify that the sound subsystem is
> sane in your case? You might be using ALSA and not knowing it.
> -- Pete

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