Re: Mouse/Keyboard hangs..

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Wed Feb 12 2003 - 09:45:00 EST


> > Strange.. I have something very similar on hp omnibook xe3 here,
> > except that:
> The XE3 is approximately the same model. Is yours AMD or Intel based? I
> seem to remember there was even an AMD-based "omnibook xe3" that was
> > the

Mine is "AMD-based".

> > 2) it *allways* recovers after power button
> I'd say mine does about 80% of the time.
> > 3) it seems to only happen in 2.5.X here, maybe it has something to do
> > with ACPI?
> I've seen it in both 2.4 and 2.5.. but it seems to happen more frequently
> in 2.5. I've tried to booting with "acpi=off, pci=noacpi" and it still
> happens :(.. Or were you suggesting it has something to do with the
> hardware/firmware that implements ACPI?

Actually, it *probably* also happened in 2.4 with apm, but it always
recovered automagically within second or so -- so it was "damn that
machine is unresponsive" not "keyboard failed again, time for power

> FWIW, on the HP user support forums for pavilions, people were
> complaining about "mouse locking up" under windows...and those were cured
> with an updated synaptics driver. however, they never mentioned a
> keyboard lock, and I -know- I've seen errors when nothing's even touching
> the mouse.. ie, on the console, without GPM running.

Same here. But I also see it happening while *only* using mouse.

> > Mine remembers up to few keystrokes I was typing...
> Mine does too..but repeats the last one occasionally.

Yes, it can buffer only so-many keys and if the last one it *can*
remember is press, you get an autorepeat.

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