Re: linux-2.5.59 kills and some shared libraries.

From: Horst von Brand (
Date: Tue Feb 11 2003 - 02:26:49 EST

"Richard B. Johnson" <> said:


> However, after running it for an hour, I tried to reboot. The
> root file-system was permanently busy so it didn't get un-mounted.
> Upon re-boot, there was a very long fsck in which a lot of
> stuff had to be "fixed", much more than simply a bad dismount.

I've seen this with PIIX and Western Digital IDE disks with DMA on on
several 2.4 kernels: Slow(ish) corruption of filesystems, even when
read-mostly. It looks like accesing the filesystem screws it up, not only
writing (i.e., / is at highest risk, even if you almost never write there).
It is quite entertaining to have /etc turn into a plain file...

Dunno if related.

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