Re: Current NFS issues (2.5.59)

From: Neil Brown (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 23:05:24 EST

On Sunday February 9, wrote:
> Ok. Here goes. I have two servers that NFS mount from each other and
> provide.

Thankyou for using the development kernel and sharing your woes...

> Server 1 exports A, B, and C to server 2. Server 2 exports D and E back
> to server 1 and exports F and G to two other clients. Each of these
> (A-G) are distinctly different filesystem paths and not part of each other.
> 1. If server 1 is restarted, server 2 will invalidate (make all 'df'
> values '1') F and G. This requires an 'exportfs -vra' or similar on
> server 2 to fix the client 'df' values. The client doesn't need to do
> anything.

This has me completely mystified. If I understand correctly, an event
on server 1 causes a failure to commuinicate between server 2 and some
third party..

I can only imagine that as server 1 boots it does something to server
2. At the very least it sends a mount request for D and E. I'm not
sure how a mount request for D or E would affect F or G.
Are you using an automounter at all?

> 2. Repeated nfs system stops and starts (/etc/init.d/nfs restart) will
> eventually cause a kernel panic on server 2 (haven't tested on server
> 1). The number of restarts is variable.

Can you capture the panic and send it to me please?

> 3. Mount point F (/home/david) infrequently loops. ls -la /home/david
> will loop forever until all client memory is exhausted and the kernel
> kills it via OOM. ls -la /home/david/somefile or /home/david/somedir/
> works just fine as well as any sub directory under /home/david.
> Restarts of both systems refuse to fix things.

I think this might be a reiserfs problem. Someone else mentioned that
this started happening when they upgrade from an earlier 2.5 kernel.
If you can capture the NFS traffic
        tcpdump -s 1500 -w /tmp/afile host $server and host $client
we could have a look at the directory cookies and see what is

> 4. Mounts infrequently get "permission denied" messages on the client
> with a " rpc.mountd: getfh failed: Operation not permitted" message on
> the server. This is fixable by restarting the nfs system on the server.

I've seen this, but it was fixed by the time 2.5.59 came out.
If/when it happens again, could you please check if the IP address of
the client in question is in
and if the name found there is in
next to the appropriate filesystem.

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