Re: fsck out of memory

From: Stephan van Hienen (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 07:01:35 EST

On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> > mke2fs -j -m 0 -b 4096 -i 4096 -R stride=16
> Do you expect to have so many small files in this huge filesystem?
> Basically, the "-i" parameter is telling mke2fs what you think the
> average file size will be, so 4kB is very small.
not really, i thought the -b was telling this ?
i think average filesize should be somewhere from 1-5 megabyte
(zipfiles few megabyte/videofiles (can be a few gigabyte)/installation
files for programmes)

i also wonder what kind of chunk-size i need to use
i use 64k now, but i wonder if 256k (or something bigger?) would be better
(does chunk size difference in performance between a 4disk raid5 and a 15disk raid5 ?)
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