Re: [Ext2-devel] Re: fsck out of memory

From: Stephen C. Tweedie (
Date: Mon Feb 10 2003 - 17:44:20 EST


On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 10:08, Stephan van Hienen wrote:

> Feb 7 04:18:15 storage kernel: EXT3-fs error (device md(9,0)):
> ext3_new_block:
> Allocating block in system zone - block = 536875638

That looks like it could be a block wrap, amongst other possible causes.

> makes me wonder if this can have todo with the lbd (to allow 2TB+ devices)
> patch ? or is this something else?

Well, that's the most likely candidate, because it's the least tested
component. Are you using Ben LaHaise's LBD fixes for the md devices?
Without those, md and lvm are not LBD-safe.


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