Setjmp/Longjmp in the kernel?

From: John W. M. Stevens (
Date: Sun Feb 09 2003 - 17:10:44 EST


I ported an Object Oriented infrastructure to work with the Linux
kernel about two years ago. For various reasons, that work was
dropped for a while. Now, upon picking it back up again, there
are some new features that were not present in the original port
that I need to support.

Among these is a simple exception support system. The core
of this system is based on the existence of a setjmp/longjmp
facility. In digging through the source code, I've found a
few, architechturally specific implementations of such a
facility, but no generalized, multi-platform support.

A FAQ I found seems to suggest this deliberate, and that such
support will not ever be added to Linux. Am I correct in
my understanding? If so, is an architechturally specific
implementation (such as was done for ppc) acceptable?

John S.
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