Re: bttv-driver: help required with new card

From: Gerd Knorr (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 03:39:45 EST

> I have a framegrabber to work with linux (2.4.18). It's a BT878
> device and I have a lot of questions :(
> a) It does not use the muxsel-bits in BT848_IFORM but some bits in
> BT848_GPIO_DATA to select video-input---so seems to be a quite
> unusual device.
> Should I make switch(btv->type) statments in bt848_muxsel?

No. Pick the latest driver and use the muxsel_hook.

> b) several registers have to be initialised to other values then
> usual, to make the card work.
> At the moment I'm doing this in bt848_muxsel, but I would like to
> move to a place where it is not executed every time I switch input
> Is init_bt848 the right place?

No. Have you noticed the bttv-cards.c file? There is plenty of
card-specific initialization code. bttv_init_card2() likely is the
proper place.

> c) It does not identify with PCI_SUBSYSTEM_ID/PCI_SUBSYSTEM_VENDOR_ID
> (gives 0xffff). Any other way to autodetect it?

Sorry, no. Use the card=foo insmod option and flame the vendor of the

> d) Who is the bttv-maintainer?!


How about reading documentation? Documentation/video4linux/bttv/ for


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