bttv-driver: help required with new card

From: M G Berberich (
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 02:59:43 EST


I have a framegrabber to work with linux (2.4.18). It's a BT878
device and I have a lot of questions :(

a) It does not use the muxsel-bits in BT848_IFORM but some bits in
   BT848_GPIO_DATA to select video-input---so seems to be a quite
   unusual device.

   Should I make switch(btv->type) statments in bt848_muxsel?

b) several registers have to be initialised to other values then
   usual, to make the card work.

   At the moment I'm doing this in bt848_muxsel, but I would like to
   move to a place where it is not executed every time I switch input
   Is init_bt848 the right place?

   (The framegrabber should generate sync-signals and provide them to
   the cameras allowing to switch between cameras in 40ms, so
   initializing the chips every time would not work)

   (gives 0xffff). Any other way to autodetect it?

d) Who is the bttv-maintainer?!


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