RE: mdelay causes BUG, please use udelay

From: Feldman, Scott (
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 19:20:02 EST

> We probably shouldn't be doing this, but we can at least
> avoid the BUG caused by doing an mdelay in interrupt context
> if we change to udelay.

That's BUG is my fault. I put that in there so no one would tempted to call
msec_delay in the interrupt context. As you've discovered, I missed one
case where msec_delay is called in interrupt context: tx_timeout. Dangit!

> - msec_delay(10);
> + usec_delay(10000);

Jeff, 10000 seems on the border of what's OK. If it's acceptable, then
let's go for that. Otherwise, we're going to have to chain several
mod_timer callbacks together to do a controller reset.

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