Re: A question about cache coherence

From: Matti Aarnio (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 13:35:57 EST

On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 11:21:21AM -0700, Xuehua Chen wrote:
> Met a problem in my research. I run some code on a
> Xeon dual-processor machine. It seems to me that there is
> a cache coherence problem. As I am not so familiar
> to this topic, I would like to ask some experts about
> the following questions.
> 1. Do Xeon processors have hardware mechanisms to
> maintain cache coherence?

   Yes, in usual closely coupled SMP systems.

> 2. Does the SMP kernel handle the cache coherence
> problem

   In its own ways, yes. It is relying on hardware doing
   it in major part.

> 3. What should I do if both of them don't handle cache
> coherence.

   Report the issue with lots of technical details
   on, and possibly continue
   discussion there.

   Data like:
    - What machine, whose motherboard ?
    - How much memory ?
    - What steppings are the processors ? (not same ?)
    - How you configured the kernel ?
       (Not quite the entire .config file, just first
        50 lines or so telling processor details.)

   And most importantly:
    - Describe why do you suspect there is cache-coherence
      problem in the system ? In the kernel side, or
      in your application ? How it is manifesting itself ?

> Thanks.
> Frank Samuel

/Matti Aarnio
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