2.4.1[w,w/o -acx] and XF86 4.0.2 Matrox (Mystique) driver pblm

From: Richard A Nelson (kenpocowboy@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 22:33:28 EST

Has anyone else seen SEGVs from this combination ?

/var/log/xdm.log is less than helpfull, only mentioning that VC7 (I run
X on 3 VCs) had a Signal 11.

I've not yet identified whats running on VC7, and not on VC8-9 that might
be causing this... Wish xdm gave a little more information...

Sigh, back to 2.2.19prex on this box (the rest of my boxen are running
2.4.1-ac20 w/o problem (ok, except for the olympic.c nit)


Rick Nelson
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