Re: [rfc] Near-constant time directory index for Ext2

From: Daniel Phillips (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 21:28:35 EST

Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> >
> > You mean full_name_hash? I will un-static it and try it. I should have
> > some statistics tomorrow. I have a couple of simple metrics for
> > measuring the effectiveness of the hash function: the uniformity of
> > the hash space splitting (which in turn affects the average fullness
> > of directory leaves) and speed.
> I was more thinking about just using "dentry->d_name->hash" directly, and
> not worrying about how that hash was computed. Yes, for ext2 it will have
> the same value as "full_name_hash" - the difference really being that
> d_hash has already been precomputed for you anyway.
> > Let the hash races begin.
> Note that dentry->d_name->hash is really quick (no extra computation), but
> I'm not claiming that it has anything like a CRC quality. And it's
> probably a bad idea to use it, because in theory at least the VFS layer
> might decide to switch the hash function around. I'm more interested in
> hearing whether it's a good hash, and maybe we could improve the VFS hash
> enough that there's no reason to use anything else..

In the first heat of hash races - creating 20,000 files in one directory
- dentry::hash lost out to my original hack::dx_hash, causing a high
percentage of leaf blocks to remain exactly half full and slowing down
the whole thing by about 5%. (This was under uml - I haven't tried it
native yet but I expect the results to be similar.)

          Contender Result
          ========= ======
        dentry::hash Average fullness = 2352 (57%)
        hack::dx_hash Average fullness = 2758 (67%)

This suggests that dentry::hash is producing distinctly non-dispersed
results and needs to be subjected to further scrutiny. I'll run the
next heat of hash races tomorrow, probably with R5, and CRC32 too if I
have time.

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