Re: [patch] VIA 4.2x driver for 2.2 kernels

From: Rogerio Brito (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 09:05:33 EST

On Feb 21 2001, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 11:15:02PM -0800, Shane Wegner wrote:
> > Ok, can I still use -u1 -k1 -c1 on the drives or is it even
> > necessary anymore.
> If you enable automatic DMA in the kernel config, it isn't necessary
> at all. The VIA driver sets up everything.

        Ok. Please disregard my last message (this one contains
        exactly what I was looking for).

> 4) But VIA is still set to PIO mode

        Why does this happen?

        And what about the other options to hdparm (-u1 -k1 -c1)? Are
        they potentially dangerous also?

        []s, Roger...

  Rogerio Brito - -
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