Re: query: IP over PCI?

From: Adrian Cox (
Date: Wed Feb 21 2001 - 03:10:34 EST

Josh Fryman wrote:

> there have been many references in the past (notably in the beowulf
> community) about TCP/IP over PCI -- that was way back with kernel
> 2.2.9 and thereabouts (1999). at that time, there were some patches
> available to implement this...

There are four versions of this that I know of. They come from
MontaVista, LynuxWorks, Ziatech, and myself. Mine is based on code
originally written for ARM by Mark van Doesburg, and ported to PowerPC
by myself. This is probably what you know from the Strongarm Beowulf
project. I made quite large changes, which haven't been completely
ported back to ARM. I also added a console over PCI, to avoid the need
for a serial cable to each plug-in card. This code is available as a
patch for 2.2 kernels at:

- Adrian Cox

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