Re: Reiserfs, 3 Raid1 arrays, 2.4.1 machine locks up

From: Colonel (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 13:18:49 EST

   Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 11:32:19 -0600
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   Colonel wrote:

> In clouddancer.list.kernel.owner, you wrote:
> >
> >I'm not subscribed to the kernel mailing list, so please cc any replies
> >to me.
> >
> >I'm building a firewall on a P133 with 48 MB of memory using RH 7.0,
> >latest updates, etc. and kernel 2.4.1.
> >I've built a customized install of RH (~200MB) which I untar onto the
> >system after building my raid arrays, etc. via a Rescue CD which I
> >created using Timo's Rescue CD project. The booting kernel is
> >2.4.1-ac10, no networking, raid compiled in but raid1 as a module
> Hmm, raid as a module was always a Bad Idea(tm) in the 2.2 "alpha"
> raid (which was misnamed and is 2.4 raid). I suggest you change that
> and update, as I had no problems with 2.4.2-pre2/3, nor have any been
> posted to the raid list.

   I just tried with 2.4.1-ac14, raid and raid1 compiled in and it did the
   same thing. I'm going to try to compile reiserfs in (if I have enough room
   to still fit the kernel on the floppy with it's initial ramdisk, etc.) and
   see what that does.

Hmm. reiserfs is probably OK as a module. ac14 is 5 versions
'behind'. I'd start looking for a distribution problem.
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