trident.o module in kernel 2.4.1

From: Seok H. Lee (
Date: Mon Feb 19 2001 - 17:26:54 EST

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I'm having some troubles with a Trident 4DWave NX sound card
(specifically the Hoontech Digital-NX model). I loaded the modules
soundcore.o, ac97_codec.o, and trident.o, in that order, and when I
try to use the devices /dev/dsp and /dev/audio, I *don't* get a "No
such device" error. But nevertheless, there is no sound coming out
from the speakers. What I hear instead, if I turn up the volume
control on the speakers all the way up, is a faint pulsing noise,
somewhat like a barely audible heartbeat. I've reproduced this
noise using three methods:

1. By running "cat blah.wav > /dev/[audio|dsp]"
2. By running "play blah.wav" (using the program 'play' from the sox
3. By playing an mp3 with XMMS in X-Windows

Using Windows 98 installed on the same machine, I've verified that
there is nothing wrong with either the sound card or the wave file.
fact, the PCI code in the linux kernel (2.4.1 in Debian potato w/
proposed updates and security updates installed) detects the same
memory address, I/O address, and IRQ that Windows 98 uses. You can
from the attached 'lspci -vvx' and 'dmesg' outputs that the card is
indeed initialized by the BIOS and detected by the kernel as well as
the trident module. I've tried adjusting the sound card's mixer
settings with a console program called 'aumix,' but turning the
up on all the devices didn't help. Neither did fidgeting with the
volume control knob on my speakers. Yes, the speaker is plugged into
power outlet, and yes, it is turned on. Same goes for my computer. :P
During the last three days, I've been searching for a documentation
a similar problem and, more generally, any documentation I could find
on the trident driver. But it seems that the driver is relatively
and not much has been written about it. I see nothing wrong with the
hardware or the kernel's detection of it, and after trying everything
from compiling a new kernel to upgrading my BIOS, I have come to the
conclusion that the problem must be in the module. I've tried to read
the source code in trident.c, and although I know C/C++ syntax pretty
well, I haven't written any programs dealing with hardware
and therefore could not understand what was going on. If you are
knowledgeable in this area, please help. Otherwise, kindly ignore my

Oh, and one last thing. Please CC any replies to my e-mail address, I am not subscribed to the mailing list and will
not see your reply otherwise. Thank you.


Seok Lee

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