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From: Andre Hedrick (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 17:15:46 EST

On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Henning P . Schmiedehausen wrote:

> Bla, bla, bla. The usual Andre Hedrick rant about how superior you're
> to all other, threats and the cited hostility of "open source advocats"
> about everyone not their opinion.
> You may be a really talented software developer with a deep under-
> standing of the ATA subsystem. That does not give you the right to
> insult all other people that are not your opinion.

Mr. Schmiedehausen,

I have not insulted you, just stated the facts.
Those are not threats they are terms to enforce the License you agreed
upon the very act of editing the source code that you are using in the
kernel. It is you that would be violating the rules, and that makes me
"hostile"? What about the issue you doing the initial terms and actions
to harm me by willfully disregarding the the terms and usage?

Please note that "you" refers to a generalixed individual.
It is not intended to imply, state, charge, or any other means of accusing.

> > When you begin to learn that OpenSource is the way and that some of us
> > will work with companies on an as needed bases. At this point if you came
> Andre, I do this since quite a few years. I can live quote good from
> it in my small vertical market and I love using free software for the
> flexibility that I get. But this does not mean, that I will never ever
> touch again a program where I have no source. I do this all the time
> without and ideological prejudice.

We agree that user-space programs that are value add are binaries.
I also use programs that I have not source code for; however, you are now
parsing the difference between user-space and kernel-space.

I do not have a strong point of view on user-space open-source, however,
if I got the source, hey no big deal.

> > Once Linux decides to adopt and support AV Streams, it will be in the best
> > interrest of TiVO to work with me so that they do not have to work against
> > me.
> I see the fine point of you using the word "me". Not "the Linux community".

Well, I would find very few that would not define "me" as part of
"the Linux community". In fact these that have been charge with the task
or have voluteered to the task of maintaining a supporting a subsystem are
generally viewed as the contact point for that sub-system.

./drivers/net/ Don Becker
./drivers/scsi/ Justin Gibbs
./drivers/char(serial) Ted Ts'o
./drivers/usb/ The USB gang of Matt, Johannas, etc..
./arch/arm/ Russel King
./arch/ia64/ Walt Drummond
./arch/sparc(64) David Miller
./arch/ppc Paul Mac.
./arc/m68k Geert U.

The point being, there are people designated as point or leaders.
If you have an issue with me, you are free to submit it to Linus, Alan,
or the List.


Andre Hedrick
Linux ATA Development

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