Re: XOR [ was: Linux stifles innovation.]

From: Aaron Tiensivu (
Date: Sun Feb 18 2001 - 15:04:57 EST

| Since that time, about 1986, I learned that there is a whole cottage
| industry of going through old, but not too old, patents and seeing how
| they can be misconstrued to apply to current technology, buying the
| patent for cheap, and then threatening "infringers". More or less
| an extortion racket. Generally the license fee demanded is low enough
| that is more cost effective, in the short term, to pay. And with
| shareholder lawsuits the way they are, short term thinking
| is the only thinking shareholders accept, and the extortionists
| know it.

Those of them that didn't end up in jail went on to form RAMBUS in the 90s.

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